Premier AudioWorks - Sound engineering & post-production
Services available include:
  • Audio Post-Production for film and video - dialog cleanup & leveling, sound effects, Foley, ADR (looping), music

  • Original music composition for film, video games, and multimedia projects

  • Custom live instrumental tracks recorded to your project. Instrumentation including (but not limited to) bass guitar, percussion, flute, clarinet, and a variety of virtual instruments.

  • Jingle production
  • Recording and mixing of multitrack audio projects

  • Audio editing - for audio books, conference dialog, speeches, any other spoken dialog applications

  • Custom transfers of audio from one format to another - for example, from vinyl, cassette, or 1/4" reel-to-reel tape to mp3 or CDs, mini-disc to CD or mp3, etc.. including cleanup of original material, audio restoration, and any other customization/enhancement that you specify

  • Voiceovers, narration, and mixing for multimedia projects, promos, advertising agencies, radio spots, and audio books

  • Sound shaping/sweetening/spectral adjustments          
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